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Before we started, this garden was definitely in a state of disrepair. The old stone wall, piles of bricks and random holes in the ground didn't really lend much to the surroundings.

After deturfing and levelling the ground, a circular brick/slab seating area was created along with brick-bordered planting areas. Stone walkways were set in the gravelled main area with some stone monoliths for decoration. A vast improvement! (Dog not included)


A massive expanse of concrete complete with piles of rubble and building materials that were the remains of a cattery. A real eyesore.

Multi-level decking and walkways with terracotta coloured patterned paths and sympathetic lighting. Gravelled areas for pot plants. Wooden framework over the paths with vines planted to eventually climb up the frame. Solid wood deck furniture to complete the look.


An uneven and boring large slab patio.

An extended shaped patio with stone border and a patterned slab/stone area. Extended borders for planting. Nothing too drastic but a vast improvement.

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